Marcus Collins


The Los Angeles skyline is covered in a thick brown smog. A trail of  cars is stretched for miles in a grid lock making the everyday commute on the freeway a long torturous journey. Despite the warnings fossil fuels continue to dominate the market. Plex, a young biologist sits behind the steering wheel in anticipation as he approaches his exit.  He glances at the time displayed on his window shield, it reads October 14, 2055, 6:15 pm.    
    Within a few feet of the exit he is bombarded with advertisements from the hundreds of showrooms in the region. He turns off the digital display projecting the annoying messages and commercials across the screen. As he pulls away from the sea of cars his google wrist watch makes a small beep confirming  that his house has registered his presence and preparing for his arrival. As he drives down the narrow streets various small robots similar to the roomba scatter about collecting debris and broken glass. Each one with a company logo stamped over the top.  Plex pulls up to a old brick building with bars over the windows. Kids are tagging the walls in the alley and take off running when they spot Plex. A large deteriorating brown garage door detects Plex's presence and quickly but silently opens.
    As Plex enters the building water can be heard dripping in corners as the footsteps of large mutated rats scurry across the floor's damp surface. Plex gets out of his old Camaro  and hurries up the stairs carrying a large suit case. At the top a sensor registers his electrical field and a steal vault like door opens. As he enters the room his favorite Jimmie Hendrix song plays in the background while a screen displays all the activities the house is currently engaged in. Plex places his large perforated yellow suitcase down, opens it and pulls out a colorful flowering plant. He takes the plant to a backroom labeled  H-Lab.  As he enters he is momentarily blinded by bright light. The smell of jasmine and herbs calms his spirit. He places the plant in a blue solution and sits in a shaded corner next to a microscope reminiscing on his past week in Brazil.