The Mobility Vision Integration Process is a research project
being conducted by Art Center’s:

Advanced Mobility Research
Graduate Industrial Design Program


mVIP developers
Lloyd Walker      Geoff Wardle      Andy Ogden      Dave Muyres

Online version of mVIP

Developed by:
Lloyd Walker / Precurve
Rodney White / Acceleration Agency

Card identity & graphic design
Heidrun Mumper-Drumm      Dee Dee Robertson

2008 mVIP deck produced with the generous support of:

Links & Resources

Art Center College of Design
One of the worlds top design schools for 75 years

Notable links for mobility futures

2055 scenario on Intelligent Infrastructure (roadways).
Includes scenario source files

2020 Scenarios for Automotive Sector

Mobility 2030 scenarios
by World business council on Sustainable Development (Scenarios and source files)

Rocky Mountain Institute transportation library

Energy Information Administration (EIA) - Annual Energy Outlook with Projections to 2030
The Annual Energy Outlook 2007. Includes links to reports, ppts, charts and excel files

Ted Talks: William McDonough: The wisdom of designing Cradle to Cradle
Architect and designer William McDonough asks what our buildings and products would look like if designers took into account "All children, all species, for all time."

Notable links related to Vision Integration

Syd Mead
An Art Center grad and a visual futurist who has inspired many generations of designers

John Frassanito & Associates
An Art Center grad who has been performing Strategic Visualization® for NASA for 25 years

One of the original visions of the future of transportation in America. At the 1939 worlds fair this exhibit by GM and designer Normal Belle Geddes forecast superhighways that did not yet exist and personal car ownership for the masses. There are many other links available if you Google "futurama 1939"

The Grove
Vision Integration is not quite the same as "graphic recording and facilitation" which is a kind of live diagramming used in meetings. But, graphic facilitation is a useful tool for Vision Integration and for planning workshops in general. The Grove is one of the top firms providing both products and services in this field. Their underlying theory and method about the role of visualization in group communication and facilitation is well developed.

Design Studio Press
Founded by Scott Robertson, Director of Entertainment Design at the Art Center College of Design, this site has many resources for training and inspiration on the art of high fidelity visualization